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Empowered Birthing Coach Intuitive Energy Work | Helping moms feel empowered and confident for birth, reclaim power as birthing goddess | Mothers' Healing Circle

I'd love to work with you...
If you are ready to step out of victimhood to limiting beliefs and emotional blocks, I would love to work with you! You may schedule individual sessions below.

What you can expect in a session:

  • We connect remotely via Zoom video conference software, or a phone call.
  • We first  ground ourselves with visualization and allow ourselves to feel present in the session.
  • We set for what issue you desire to let go of and work on, and what you are desiring to open up to creating, getting clear on what is top priority for your greatest and highest good at this time.
  • I act as a detective to examine and bring to light the underlying causes which are playing in to creating this issue. These could be limiting beliefs you've taken on because of past experiences, or emotions that are "trapped" because they haven't been fully processed, or other energetic imbalances.
  • Once we are aware of what's causing the issue, we clear it out using the power of our intention plus visualization, EFT tapping, or other clearing techniques.

You are the steward of your being and you decide what gets to stay and what you let go of. You are not a victim to these issues, and everyone has the capacity within them already to heal! The first step is awareness, because we can't heal what we can't see. So that's where I come in, as a compassionate, unbiased outside party to bring these things to light, and then guide you through clearing it out in a gentle, graceful, supportive way.

What people are saying about working with Megan:
Megan was very informative before our session so I knew what to expect. When I discussed my pain with her I felt comfortable and understood in a welcoming space. She addressed my issues and, through her intuitive gifts, she was able to move things through so I wasn’t storing extra negative energy in my field. Megan is so kind and she works directly from heart to offer help. --Amy, Salt Lake City, Utah
Megan is one of the only energy workers I go to because she helps me get to the root of the issue so fast! She can intuitively see what I cannot, and Gently guides me to find it for myself. I don't trust many people, but Megan has such an energy of peace and acceptance in her sessions. She has said many things that may have been hard to hear from someone else, but because she is so loving and nurturing in her way, healing is easy and fun! I always experience HUGE,  permanent shifts in her sessions, and leave feeling loved and known by my creator, and empowered and free to move forward! She is just the best there is! --Chalise, Price, Utah
Megan helped me and my daughter process and clear a lot of emotions we were carrying. It was eye opening and inspiring to go through and witness. --Ashley, New York
The personal energy work was powerful and productive. I came away feeling lighter, with a greater appreciation for who I am and who I can become. --Carol, Washington, D.C. 
If it resonates, you can schedule here: