Birth mindset coach - help pregnant moms to feel confident, connected, and centered for birth by clearing limiting beliefs and fears about birth

About Me
My Mission
Mothers' Healing Circle was created to support pregnant moms feeling more confident, connected, and centered during pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and throughout the motherhood journey by letting go of fears and limiting beliefs and balancing the energy system. When you let go of the blockages that are creating fear, dread, and resentment, you can show up for birth and motherhood feeling ready and resilient!

Meet Megan
Hi! I'm Megan.
 I'm a Birth + Motherhood Mindset Coach, Intuitive Energy Coach, Certified EFT Practitioner, and mom of four.

My passion is to support moms throughout pregnancy and motherhood - preparing mindset and energy for birth, healing birth experiences, & embracing motherhood.

My vision is for resilient, strong mothers to heal themselves and step into their power so they can then rise as the healers and teachers, mentors and leaders in their own families and communities.

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Are you ready to step out of victimhood to the fears and limiting beliefs which are causing you to dread giving birth?

Do you desire to feel more confident, connected, centered, and ready for your birthing time and motherhood?

Are you ready to stop resenting aspects of motherhood so you can enjoy it?

I'd love to work with you! Check out the free resources below and click to learn more about working with me!