What is Birth Mindset?

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Your mindset during your birth can make or break you! It seriously is a huge deal!

So, why is no one talking about this? I wish I knew!! There's so much focus on physical preparation for birth, and not enough emphasis on mental preparation. But I'm talking about it!

What even is mindset, anyway? And what can you do to have a positive mindset for birth?

Hi, I'm Megan and I'm a Birth Mindset Coach and Intuitive Energy Worker. I help pregnant moms let go of fears and limiting beliefs so that you can show up for birth feeling more confident, connected, and centered.

So, let's talk about this!!


Your mindset is your beliefs you hold about yourself, which can determine your outlook and behaviors. It's your attitude, which can determine how you perceive and respond to different situations.

In giving birth, the limiting beliefs and fears you carry can affect how you show up for birth, and how you respond to various situations during birth.

Some of your beliefs and views of birth may not be true and may not be serving you. Your beliefs about what birth looks like, and about yourself in the context of birth, will affect how you are able to show up during your birth. Fears about birth can often stem from your beliefs and perspective of birth.

So let's look at some common limiting beliefs about birth.


Below are some common limiting beliefs about birth. These are the ones that I hear most often from people. As you read, see which ones resonate with you.

  • Childbirth is scary.
  • Birth is extremely painful every time, and it's supposed to be that way.
  • Birth is an emergency...always.
  • Birth is awful and horrible, a drudgery to be endured.
  • Childbirth is cursed. It's supposed to be painful as a punishment.
  • My birth has to look like my mother's or sister's, etc.
  • I cannot give birth without medical intervention all along the way.
  • My body doesn't know how to give birth.
  • My body doesn't know how to go into labor on its own.
  • My body is broken.
  • My body is failing me.

There are many others too; this is just a sampling. Which of these are resonating with you right now? Are there others that come to mind for you? How do you feel about birth? What were you taught about birth? How do you view birth?

The good news is that you can do something to shift into a more positive mindset. You can let go of your own fears and limiting beliefs about yourself and birth, in order to shift into a more positive mindset for giving birth.


An example of a more positive birth mindset would be free from rigidity, more open and curious about possibilities, more open to going with the flow. For example:

  • I am open to having a positive birth experience.
  • I can make decisions with my intuition, my knowledge, and wisdom so that my birth experience is empowering.
  • Birth can look many different ways and I am open to the possibilities.
  • I can listen to and trust my body to know what to do.



The first step is awareness. If you're not sure what's there, you can't shift it! A simple way to do this is to journal and free write.

Some great questions to get you started:

  • What have you been taught about birth from your family and friends? Is it true? Are there other possibilities?
  • What have you been taught about birth from society, movies, and TV? Is it true? Are there other possibilities?
  • What negative beliefs do you hold about birth?
  • What fears or negative emotions come up for you when you think of giving birth?

Now take another piece of paper and write out opposite, positive statements or affirmations. For example, instead of, "My body is broken," you can write an affirmation: "My body is powerful and I trust it more and more each day."

Now you can try this simple process below to shift it. Your intention is the most important part here. Remember, you're in charge of your mind and get to decide what stays and what goes!


Take your paper you've journaled on to a fire pit outside and burn it. As you do so, say out loud or in your mind, "I now release all of these fears and beliefs. I am open to receiving more positive perspectives about birth." Then you can declare the affirmations you wrote earlier by reading them aloud with meaning and conviction.


If you'd like further support, you can schedule a session with me! I'd love to support you in shifting into a place of confidence and empowerment for birth.

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