Guided Visualization to Process Emotions: "Emocean"

Guided Visualization to Process Emotions: "Emocean"
How can you process your emotions in a healthy way?

Are you in the practice of acknowledging and processing your emotions?

Or are you in the habit of hiding from them, shoving them down, or ignoring them instead?

Emotions can seem scary if we don't know what to do with them, or we don't understand the language of emotions.

I've got a training series going on right now in my free Healing Mamas Facebook group, which can help you with doing the important inner work - emotional mindfulness, processing emotions, clearing emotional triggers, and releasing limiting beliefs.

If you feel called to do inner work at this time, so you can show up in your family and life missions and birthing time with more freedom and enjoyment, then I invite you to join this free support group here.

As a taste of what you'll find there, enjoy this free Guided Visualization below to support you in processing through emotions, so they don't become stuck and stagnant.

The intention is to support you in becoming present to and processing through your emotions, allowing them to flow in a healthy way in the moment, so they don't get stuck and create issues for you down the road.

Before you begin, you may want to get clarity on what the emotions are that you're feeling. You could try journaling, using some emotion cards, muscle testing, or just listening to your intuition.

You can use this for current emotions as you're feeling them in the moment, as well as past emotions which haven't been acknowledged or processed yet. Enjoy!

I hope this has been helpful for you! Don't forget to join my free Healing Mamas support group for more training and clearing processes!

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Peace and light,
--Megan Watson
Joyful Motherhood Coach, Empowered Birthing Coach, Intuitive Energy Work Facilitator, and EFT Practitioner