What's a Women's Circle?

Women's Circles for birth preparation, birth experience healing, transition to motherhood, & divine femininity | Mothers' Healing Circle

What's a Women's Circle?
Women have been gathering in circles for thousands of years to support, encourage, heal, connect with, and uplift one another. Women gathered in circles to work, celebrate, watch one another's children, birth, mourn, perform rituals, worship, and dance.

In modern times, our western culture has largely forgotten the need to gather in women's circles due to urbanization and industrialization. But, right now across the world a HUGE shift is taking place, and it's a wonderful shift into remembering the NEED for Women's Circles! Women all over the world are now remembering this lost part of themselves, craving the connection and reclaiming the dying art of Women's Circles.

At Mothers' Healing Circle, Circle experiences are tailored for mothers who desire support in healing in the following areas:
  • Emotional & Energetic Preparation for Birth and the Transition to Motherhood
  • Birth Experience Healing
  • Transition to Motherhood
  • Embracing and Loving Motherhood
What Do We Do at Circle?
At Circle, we explore a powerful concept each time, which are pertinent for mothers and mothers-to-be.

We light candles, we share, we move our bodies, we do journal prompts, emotional clearings, rituals and activities, art, guided visualizations and meditations. We dig deep into what's holding us back, we open up to receive what we desire to create.

Circles are a safe space for use to share, connect, learn, dive deep into emotional healing, hold space, be supported, and open our hearts.

What's Circle Like?
Circle is for Every Woman
Circle is non-denominational, and all women are welcome. Circle is a safe space to share, to open up, to be vulnerable, to let go of the masks and just be authentic.

All are Equal
We literally sit in a Circle, unlike a class or lecture format. It's different in that everyone can see one another, everyone is at the same level. Even I, as the facilitator, simply provide some structure and ritual activities and tools, and I participate right along with everyone else as an equal member of the Circle.

We have agreements in order to make the Circle space safe and confidential, so everyone can feel free to share freely from their hearts.

We don't fix things at Circle. We don't give feedback or advice This is not group therapy nor a support group. When someone shares with the Circle, we simply listen and allow and hold space. I believe that every woman has all the wisdom and answers inside of herself, and Circle has the power to act as a mirror so each woman can look within and receive what she needs. At the end of a share, we hold our hands up with palms facing the woman who just shared, and "beam" her love and light and support.

What Are the Benefits of a Women's Circle?
I have benefited from Circle by making lasting, meaningful connections with other like-minded women, in a new way I never have before. I have opened up so much to being my authentic self, being okay with using my voice and being seen and heard in this world. I have been able to dust out the cobwebs of limiting beliefs and negative emotions which were holding me back. The individual benefits vary depending on the topic we are exploring, how deep you are willing to go, and how much you are willing to open up and show up as your authentic self.

Sounds great, right??

I offer Circles both in-person and online!

Are you ready to join in the transformative power of Circle? Are you ready to take time for yourself to connect, recharge, release, envision, and celebrate with a tribe of other powerful, like-minded women?

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