Top 5 Tips to Feel Empowered and Confident for Birth

Empowered Birthing Program Coach Intuitive Energy Work | Helping moms feel empowered and confident for birth, reclaim power as birthing goddess | Mothers' Healing Circle
Hey, Mama! I see you!
💜You desire to feel confident about birth, but you feel scared instead.

💜You stay awake at night wondering if you can handle giving birth.

💜You feel resentment toward your body and don’t trust it.

💜You likely have never attended a positive birth before.

💜You have probably heard negative stories that have stuck with you and painted your view of birth.

💜You feel in your soul the desire to feel empowered for birth, but you’re not sure how to get there.

It is possible to feel empowered, confident and ready for birth. I'll show you how!

I’m Megan Watson, your Empowered Birthing Coach.

I help pregnant moms let go of the fears, dread, and resistance about birth so you can feel empowered and confident for birth and embrace the amazing birthing goddess you already are!
Empowered Birthing Program Coach Intuitive Energy Work | Helping moms feel empowered and confident for birth, reclaim power as birthing goddess | Mothers' Healing Circle
Below are my top 5 tips to help you feel confident and ready for birth!
Tip 1 Clear Birth
Even if you're not aware of it, you've been taught negative things about birth by movies, other moms, stories you've heard, and family/cultural traditions. Perhaps you have past birth experiences which were negative.

All of these things color your view of birth and affect how you show up in your birthing time.

The first tip to feel empowered and confident for birth is to become aware and let go of fears and limiting beliefs about birth.

Try journaling on your beliefs and fears and set your intention to let them go as you do deep breaths or while meditating.
Tip 2 Reconnect
While preparing for your birth, it's so important to take time to reconnect with your body, your voice, your intuition, and your baby! Doing so helps you feel connected, calm, and in your power during your birth.

Journaling and meditation are great ways to do this.
Tip 3 Reclaim Empowerment in Birth and Embrace Your Inner Birthing Goddess
Your inner birthing goddess is the part of you which already feels empowered and ready for birth. She feels confident. She feels connected to birth and does not fear it.

You may be disconnected from this part of yourself, so calling in this part and embracing it can be very powerful in your birth preparations.

You can try meditating and inviting this part of you to be activated.
Tip 4 Create Your High-vibe Birth Vision
Everything is created energetically before it is created physically. As you envision the type of birth you desire, you are calling in and creating that energy in advance!

This doesn't mean you have to be rigid and controlling when it comes time to birth, but simply allows you to see the possibilities. This is especially important if you've never attended a positive birth before, and your vision of birth comes just from what you've seen on TV.

Envisioning your birth allows your mind to see new possible ways of giving birth, outside of the very limited perspective that is portrayed in film.

You might journal on the feeling you desire in your birth space, what types of things you desire in your space to create a high-vibe birth ambiance (such as candles, crystals, positive affirmations, etc.) Meditate and have a "birth rehearsal" by envisioning your birth from start to end.
Tip 5 Honor Your Own Transformation and Rite of Passage
This important rite of passage into motherhood deserves honor and respect and time and space, for it is a time of becoming, as you step into the role of Mother, whether for the first time or the 14th time, it is an important, special, sacred time which deserves emotional, and energetic support.

Like a butterfly, you are transforming and becoming a mother through the process of pregnancy and birth.

In past generations, the transition from maidenhood to motherhood has been honored, respected, and treasured as a sacred time, with important rituals and beautiful ceremonies to honor the new mother and aid her in preparing for and healing from birth.

Unfortunately, our culture has largely lost the beautiful and important traditions, rituals, and sacred holding-of-space for new mothers. The rite of passage is not honored as it should be. There is not enough emotional support during this time of change and becoming.

You can create change by taking time to honor your own transformation. One way to do this is by holding a Mother Blessing Ceremony! This is a powerful way to feel supported and held during this time of much change and becoming.
 How can you do these things? I'll show you how!
I've created a simple 5-step framework to support you in this process, so you can feel confident and ready for birth!
Empowered Birthing Program Coach Intuitive Energy Work | Helping moms feel empowered and confident for birth, reclaim power as birthing goddess | Mothers' Healing Circle

What Makes This Program Different?
This program is not like other birth prep programs. There are plenty of birth programs out there that cover the basics of the physical side of the birth process (which is so important and I encourage you to learn about that!). This is not that program.

This program picks up where other birth programs and courses leave off, and fills a big hole that is lacking in traditional childbirth classes.

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Peace and Love,
--Megan Watson, Empowered Birthing Coach & Intuitive Energy Work Facilitator

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