My Story | Transitioning Into Motherhood, Healing a Difficult Birth Experience

Mothers' Healing Circle | Tribe for Emotional Energetic Spiritual Birth Preparation, Birth Experience Healing, Birth Trauma Support, Embracing Motherhood

Hi! I'm Megan.
I'm a Mama just like you, a Teacher, professional Musician, Mentor to mothers, Certified Women’s Circle Facilitator, and Founder of Mothers’ Healing Circle.
Mothers' Healing Circle | Tribe for Spiritual Birth Preparation, Birth Healing, Birth Trauma Support, Motherhood, Divine Feminine
My passion is to support moms through the transition into motherhood, preparing for birth, healing birth experiences, & embracing motherhood.

My vision is for resilient, strong mothers to heal themselves and step into their power so they can then rise as the healers and teachers, mentors and leaders in their own families and communities.

I genuinely believe every woman already has the capacity to heal within herself, and it is my mission to support you along your personal healing journey, through the most pivotal processes, transitions, and rites of passage of motherhood.

This is My Birth & Motherhood Story
Mothers' Healing Circle was born out of my experience becoming a mother, which got off to a rocky start.

In 2011 I became a mother for the first time. I was induced early due to Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy (ICP), and after a series of interventions, I ended up with a C-section.

It was a shock to my body and I was emotionally drained. During my transition to motherhood, I did not feel fully supported physically, emotionally, or spiritually; I did not feel that I had a voice; and I felt completely overridden and overlooked by hospital staff and my doctor. I had so much anxiety that I did not sleep more than 4 or 5 hours total during the entire 5 days/nights that I was in the hospital (so, like an hour of sleep each 24-hour period). I didn't know how to cope with or process through all the emotions from my experience, and I spiraled into a depression and anxiety and rage that I did not understand.

Eleven months. That’s how long I suffered before I realized something was wrong. It took me eleven months to recognize that what I was experiencing was NOT normal (although, unfortunately, it is extremely common). To be honest, I actually thought the rage and anger and sadness and anxiety I felt were normal for motherhood. I thought that’s what motherhood was. I believed everyone felt that way all the time, but that they were just *better* at dealing with it than I was. I supposed they were all better moms than I was. The burden of guilt and shame and inadequacy were immense. I sat in that place for eleven months before getting the help I needed.

During my postpartum period, I had no clue that what I was experiencing emotionally was linked to my birth experience and rocky start into motherhood, and from not feeling supported in this important and crucial rite of passage!

You see, giving birth is not just an event, it is a process. A time of change and becoming. Becoming a mother is an important rite of passage in a woman's life! The way she is held and supported during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum time could color how she steps into motherhood (whether positively or negatively) and could affect her beliefs about what motherhood looks like and how she fits into it.

The Healing Journey
I learned a lot during that time, about myself and how to navigate my emotions. Some things which really helped me were counseling, meditation, essential oils for emotions, learning emotional mindfulness techniques, relaxation techniques like epsom salt baths, guided visualization, energy work, and more. During this time, I developed tools and visualizations. I learned to ask for help. I learned to express and share my emotions in a healthy way. I learned to receive help. I learned to treat myself with compassion and gentleness. I learned how to bring fears and limiting beliefs to light and release them. I learned to feel and express gratitude for my journey.

I now feel called to share what I have learned and the tools I have developed from my own healing journey. My desire and intention is to share them with you, and moms everywhere, to help you navigate the important transitions and rites of passage you experience as a mother.

I desire to help mothers and mothers-to-be to better understand how to honor the transition from maidenhood to motherhood, how to perform important rites of passage (such as a Mother Blessing Ceremony), how to emotionally and energetically prepare for birth and the transition to motherhood, how to heal a difficult birth experience, and how to more fully step into embracing and loving motherhood.

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My Vision
And so I created Mothers' Healing Circle, a tribe of wonderful, strong, healing mothers.

My vision is for resilient, strong mothers to heal their own birth experiences and embrace motherhood, so they can then rise as the healers and teachers, mentors and leaders in their own families and communities.

Are you ready to step into healing and embracing your motherhood?
Are you ready to stop the feelings of guilt and shame in motherhood?
Do you desire to prepare emotionally and energetically for birth and a positive transition to motherhood?
Do you desire to work through and heal your past birth experiences?
Are you ready to feel empowered as a mother?

Join us:

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Mothers' Healing Circle | Tribe for Spiritual Birth Preparation, Birth Healing, Birth Trauma Support, Motherhood, Divine Feminine